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GLAAD Spirit Day!!

Hilarie Burton has posted a blog on GLAAD’s Spirit Day!

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GLAAD Spirit Day!!

I hope you all are wearing purple today! For those of you guys that don’t know, today is GLAAD’s Spirit Day - a day to show support for LGBT youth and speak out against bullying. (

I feel lucky that I grew up in a house that encouraged acceptance. I have vivid memories of my dad helping my high school drama department build sets, and a gay friend of mine saying “Your dad is so cool. He doesn’t even care that I’m…….you know….” 

I recall my mom explaining to me that everyone is created uniquely and lovingly, and that everyone deserves to be valued. 

I remember having a crush on k.d. lang after seeing her on Pee Wee’s Christmas special because she looked like Elvis. 

I remember being so angry in 4th grade that I wasn’t born a boy that I started to wonder if maybe i SHOULD have been born a boy.

I remember having a Barbie who’s hair I chopped off, and I always pretended that she was a new girl at school pretending to be an artsy dude. And then she’d date the head cheerleader. I was seven. 

I remember when the cool girls in class passed the rule that no one was allowed to talk to me. Or when they WOULD talk to me, it was just long enough to gather more tidbits to make fun of.

I remember realizing one day that the biggest bully in my life was abused, and how that immediately neutralized all my anger. 

We all carry hurts. Even the person in your life who tortures you.

But I want every sad kid to know, IT GETS BETTER!! It gets so mind-blowingly better. You are going to fall in love, and have your heart broken and then fall in love again and ride the romantic rollercoaster of life. You are going to have moments where you feel connected to every person on the planet, and you will have moments of quiet solitude where you feel empowered by independence. You will have adventures and secrets and a million memories that will exist as a sly twinkle in your eye when you are old and gray.

Be proud! Own who you are. I too have seen the darkest of days, but I promise you…..for every low there is a stunning high right around the corner. 

So celebrate today. We are on the road to equality. Let’s keep on trucking!

Big ol hugs and kisses,


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